Female dress from 1823

The dress is modeled on the outfit published in the French magazine “LE JOURNAL DES DAMES et DES MODES” on 15 November 1823. It has got characteristic cut for that period. The waistline is slightly raised in comparison to the natural level, the dress is flared in a cone shape and heavily gathered at the … Continue reading »

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Male ensemble (c. 1870)

Male outfit consisting of a frock coat, a waistcoat, a pair of trousers and a shirt. The frock coat tailoring is typical for the last decades of 19th century, quite loose, without a distinct notch in a waist. It is double breasted frock coat. The frock coat is made of a woollen fabric, collar lapels … Continue reading »

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Corset (c. 1880)

The corset’s cut is based on information and designs from magazines from the turn of 1870’s and 1880’s.  The corset is quite long, it covers hips and bust.  It has been made of cream-gold sateen. Decorations are made of white cotton lace. The flossing is made of white cord. The whole corset is a charming … Continue reading »

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Żupan from 17th century

The cut of this out fit has been almost completely based on the preserved 17th century żupan that belonged in the past to Gabriel Tarnowski – Cracow starost. Żupan has been made of claret silk on a cotton lining. The outfit is decorated with large buttons (customer’s own design) and a hem of a golden … Continue reading »

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Uniform of the rector of the Royal University of Warsaw c. 1823

The uniform has been created on the basis of description found in the publication titled “The Royal University of Warsaw” (1816-1831) vol. 1 written by Józef Bieliński as well as the illustration in accordance with “The Yearbook of Educational and Religious Institutes in Kingdom of Poland” from 1824. It is the uniform of the class … Continue reading »

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Dress with Roses

The presented dress is a bal dress from the beginning of 1850’s. The dress has been made of creamy and claret silk. It consists of a bodice and a separate skirt. The bodice is fastened by a hook-and-eye closures and it has got an inside boning, thanks to which it maintains an elongated and tight … Continue reading »

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Female dress from 15th century

The presented dress is a female out fit based on everyday female outfits from the 1st half of 15th century. It has been made of dark-green woolencloth lined with linen. The dress has got a short sleeve and lacing on sides. The skirt is let out by gores. Under the dress there is a linen … Continue reading »

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