Żupan from 17th century

The cut of this out fit has been almost completely based on the preserved 17th century żupan that belonged in the past to Gabriel Tarnowski – Cracow starost.

Żupan has been made of claret silk on a cotton lining. The outfit is decorated with large buttons (customer’s own design) and a hem of a golden string. The string is made of a gilded wrapper.

Żupan has got a high collar, which is lowered at the front. High collars are considered to be characteristic for the first half of 17th century (until the 3rd decade of that century).

The original of the outfit is slightly different as sleeves have been let out in the upper part of an arm. Żupan is fastened with the right flap overlapping the left one. The buttons have been sewn at the edge to the right flap. There are loops pulled out of the string on the left side.

The belt is made of a uniform piece of brocade with “woven” tassels, which imitate the threads of weaving warp.