1. Arranging details

We have got quite a big base of designs, however, in order to fit your needs as well as it is possible, please send us a example of an outfit that is meant to be sewn or on which we would be supposed to base our work. It can be a picture, a drawing or a figure. If it happens that there is no picture, we would like to receive a description. It should be as precise as possible and also specify the future use of an outfit – whether it is meant to be casual, ceremonial, whether it is going to be worn or displayed in e.g. a museum. Such information will make it easier for us to prepare a right design.
The outfits up to the middle of 19th century can be totally handmade or in an economical version – with the use of a mixed technique. In this situation the structural seams are made with the use of a machine, whereas decors and finishing seams are mainly handmade. The outfits from the middle of 19th century are mostly made with the use of a machine. Please bear in mind that due to the used technique all the outfits are much more delicate than contemporary ones and they require more care in the process of maintenance. The outfits’ tailoring is based on original designs and for that reason a ready outfit, in some cases, may not be as comfortable as we are used to in the contemporary times. We suggest to our customers to become familiar with the characteristics of an outfit that is to be reproduced. In case of any questions, please write to us. We will reply willingly.

2. Measuring and selection of fabrics.

We select fabrics taking the customer’s request into consideration. The characteristics of an outfit as well as specificity of the epoch, which the outfit is going to represent, are of importance. In order to measure and to try on a new outfit please visit our studio in Skórzewo near Poznań (PL). However, if you cannot visit us personally, we will send you an instruction how to take measure yourself by e-mail. The instruction is organized in a clear way so it will easily direct you through the process of measuring. If an outfit is going to be presented on a mannequin, please send us the information about the size and type of the mannequin.

3. Order execution and a ready historical outfit

Due to a high price of fabrics and accessories required to sew most of historical outfits we require the prepayment in the amount of 30%-60% of the order value. When we finish working on an outfit, as soon as we receive the total payment for the order, we will sent the outfit by a selected courier or, in some cases, by post. The outfits are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and packed in cardboard. In order to secure the boxes against humidity we use an additional plastic film.
After you try on the outfit, please contact us – we will take your remarks and opinions into consideration.