Dress with a tunic from 19th century (1869)

Dress with a tunic from 19th century (1869)

Reconstructions of clothing and historical outfits from the AnnaMorreau studio have enjoyed large interest for many years. Our existing customers highly prize the accuracy of historical reproduction and professional service.

Every outfit has an individual design, preparation of which involves historical study concerning not only selection of fabrics and textiles, but also the ways of wearing a ready outfit. We have devoted a lot of attention to underwear, which has played particularly important role over the centuries. Even the most precisely sewn dress would lack authenticity if it were no farthingale, crinoline or a corset.

Despite the fact that creating an accurate reconstruction is a time-consuming and complicated process, it is undoubtedly the final effect that is worth waiting for. Putting on a ready outfit should satisfy the need of travelling in time of every history lover.

Dress from 17th century (c. 1670)

Large knowledge concerning history of clothing guarantees that the ready outfits are truly historical. Passion that we put into creation of all outfits in the AnnaMorreau studio is visible in every detail.

 You are welcome to see the portfolio of the historical outfits created in our studio.