Female velvet dress (c. 1882)

The dress consists of two parts – a skirt and a tunic. The design of the dress comes from the French magazine “La Mode Illustree” from 1876. Nevertheless, it has been adapted to the needs of a bigger bustle (from 1882). First of all, the train of the skirl and tunic has been removed, it has also been slightly let out on a frame.

The tunic has been sewn of velvet. At the front there is a panel with velvet, false buttons; the right buttoning can be found underneath. The panel as well as the margin of the tunic have been sewn round with pleated flounce, which has additionally been sewn through with a ribbon.

The back fastening is decorated with a rosette. The dress is of a quite simple cut, sewn of the same fabric as the panel on the tunic. The outfit is supplemented by underwear that consists of a shirt, pantaloons, a corset, a bustle and a petticoat.