Dress from 19th century (c. 1882)

The dress has been made in accordance with the model published in the magazine titled “La Mode Ilustree” No. 38.

It has been sewn of plum taffeta. There are two parts: a bodice and a skirt. The two parts are decorated by trimmings in the form of a black appliqué (decoration design was published together with a sewing pattern). The bodice is buttoned and boned inside. The skirt is one-piece, however, it comprises two elements. The first of them is the under skirt, which is decorated at the front and sides. It is also trimmed with pleating made of the same fabric. The outer skirt is the second element and it is arranged in folds at the front and draped at hips. There are adjusting tapes inside. One of the sides is decorated by a rosette.

Both parts of the skirt are sewn into the same belt. The skirt is held up by a bustle (it does not have its own stiffening).