Dress with Roses

The presented dress is a bal dress from the beginning of 1850’s. The dress has been made of creamy and claret silk. It consists of a bodice and a separate skirt. The bodice is fastened by a hook-and-eye closures and it has got an inside boning, thanks to which it maintains an elongated and tight shape, characteristic for that period. The skirt has got three rows of pinned ruffles. The bottom part is hemmed with claret silk.

The skirt and the bodice are decorated with bouquets of small roses. The cut of the dress as well as finishing details have been prepared on the basis of photographs from the museum and private collections as well as from the descriptions of preserved historical outfits.

The skirt is held up by a petticoat with steel spring bones. The last ring is slightly wider than others, which is similar to preserved petticoats of that type from the 1840’s.

The corset is made of white cotton. It is the single-layer corset. It is stiffened with the use of metal spiral bones.

The dress is supplemented by a chemise and long drawers.