Dress from 17th century (c. 1670)

The dress consists of a bodice with an outer skirt and petticoat. The dress’s bodice has two layers. The inner bodice – stays has been made of two layers of linen, stiffened with soft reeds. The whole surface is covered with tunnels, the only place that has not been stiffened is at the shoulders.

The outer layer is formed by cover of brocade. Sleeves and the outer skirt are sewn to the bodice. The skirt is arranged in knife pleats. The petticoat is visible though the opening at the front. The neckline of the dress is decorated by embroidered lace. The dress is laced up at the back.

The design of the dress has been prepared mostly on the basis of iconography. There are practically no preserved complete female outfits from that period. The bodice’s finishing is based on the description of preserved bodice from the 1660’s. The cut comes from the stays of a funerary effigy.