Different types of embroidery decorate our products. They are usually hand embroidery, and sometimes computer embroidered reconstructions of old designs. This category gathers them all in one place.

Male attire 60s XVIII c. with embroidered silk vest

The garment consists of a shirt, a long vest, justaucorps and short trousers. Justaucorps are made of red velvet and have a decorative gallon sewage. Beautifully embroidered the front of cream silk vest. The floral motif was made on the basis of original historical embroidery patterns preserved on similar objects of this type. The design … Continue reading »

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Uniform of the rector of the Royal University of Warsaw c. 1823

The uniform has been created on the basis of description found in the publication titled “The Royal University of Warsaw” (1816-1831) vol. 1 written by Józef Bieliński as well as the illustration in accordance with “The Yearbook of Educational and Religious Institutes in Kingdom of Poland” from 1824. It is the uniform of the class … Continue reading »

Categories: Embroidery, Male Outfits, Portfolio