Female dress from 1823

The dress is modeled on the outfit published in the French magazine “LE JOURNAL DES DAMES et DES MODES” on 15 November 1823.

It has got characteristic cut for that period. The waistline is slightly raised in comparison to the natural level, the dress is flared in a cone shape and heavily gathered at the back.

Decorations on the dress and the hemline are wadded and thanks to that it is more extensive.

A bra has got decorations made of pleated folds that have been sewn on and padded with linen. There are two-piece sleeves, the bottom sleeve can be detached for evening events. On an every day basis it can be tied at a wrist with a navy-blue ribbon.

The dress has been made of navy-blue silk satin lined with cotton. White bottom sleeves are made of white muslin.

The dress is supplemented by a set of underwear that consists of a chemise, stays, a petticoat and a small bustle pad for the back.