Uniform of the rector of the Royal University of Warsaw c. 1823

The uniform has been created on the basis of description found in the publication titled “The Royal University of Warsaw” (1816-1831) vol. 1 written by Józef Bieliński as well as the illustration in accordance with “The Yearbook of Educational and Religious Institutes in Kingdom of Poland” from 1824.

It is the uniform of the class I.

The tailoring is typical of a uniform tail coat. It is quite simple with a smoothly sewn-in sleeve.

The uniform’s jacket is made of woolen broadcloth lined with linen and decorated with goldwork embroidery. It is button-through with seven buttons, silver plated with the university crest.

The front of the jacket is covered with branches arranged slantwise from shoulders to a waistline. The symmetry of the pattern is assured by pairs of joined by a button in the centre. The embroidery of pockets, a collar and cuffs is patterned on the preserved fragments of embroidered men’s tail coats from the beginning of 19th century. It consists of twigs and palm twigs made of sequins. The edges of jacket’s tail are covered by a selvage of ovals.

A high black felt hat, trimmed with feathers on the edge, decorated with galloon and white silk has been used as a head covering.

The outfit is supplemented by a pair of short trousers with a buttoned flap and a shirt with a tie.